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Iphone 4 VPN Client  to Netgear FVS338

how to connect Iphone-4 to FVS338 using IPSec


Hi @all,

I was looking get my Iphone 4 connected through Internet into my Intranet.

Found some Documents on the WEB but i had to work it out by myself

I want to share my Document for you and it´s free of charge.

I´ll give you 100% free Access to my Documentation, just ask about your free Accescode by @mail for the iPhone-Solution.
Have tried to be as detailed as possible in the Documentation.
It shows you how to Setup, gives you detailed Informations and deep Understandings for your vpn-help.

Enjoy my Documentation and download the related PDF HERE if you have received your Accesscode.

This Manual has been tested for FVS338, FVS336GV2 and works may be for other Netgearboxes too.

Regards - Michael Friedl

VPN for free Windows VPN-Client and Netgear FVS338 click here for my Documentation

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last edited June.03.2012